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Item No.: PC-910B
Description: Thermometer clock pen
Packing: Each in clamshell
Key Specification:
  • Display time and temperature
  • With the extend and draw back per pen core
  • LCD screen

Item No.: RE-408
Description: Record pen
Packing: Each in clamshell
Key Specification:
  • 2 pcs AG13
  • It could record / play any sounds with user’s requests
  • With the rotate ball pen

Item No.: TC-205
Description: Clinical thermometer clock
Packing: Each in printed box
Key Specification:
  • Clock , display the hour , minute, month and date , with alarm function
  • Thermometer , measure and display the environment temperature
  • Clinical thermometer, place the probe tip in armpit, measure and display the body temperature.

Item No.: VH-184
Description: Digital record pen
Packing: Each in clamshell with heat sealed
Key Specification:
  • Recordable pen , bring more funs to life
  • Lanyard for easy carry
  • Share the message with your friend

VH-206.jpg (26165 個位元組)

Item No.: VH-206
Description: Magic box 
Packing: Each in printed box 
Key Specification:
  • Pen holder 
  • Calculator

VH-249.jpg (36187 個位元組)

Item No.: VH-249
Description: Telephone Cable Extension
Packing: Each in white box
Key Specification:
  • Best for promotion
  • when the telephone cable is too short , you could use this item to extent the cable

VH-261 EFFECT.jpg (41483 個位元組)

Item No.: VH-261
Description: Ring Watch 
Packing: Each on blister card
Key Specification:
  • Best for promotion
  • Watch 
  • Finger ring 
  • Used as fashion accessories 

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